Day of Mourning, April 28th

2016-04-05-day-of-mourningEach year approximately 1,000 Canadian workers are killed on the job. hundreds of thousands are injured. countless thousands become permanently disabled or die from work related diseases.

April 28th is a day to pause, reflect and gather our resolve. It has become a day to rededicate ourselves to the fight for improved health and safety.

Let’s Remember these CUPE members killed on the job in 2015
Dellis Partidge, CUPE 4946, Alberta
John Macleod, CUPE 1867, Nova Scotia
Alain Bissonnette, CUPE 503, Ontario
Harl Hawley, CUPE 30, Alberta
Nilo Sanchez, CUPE 59, Saskatchewan
Venancio Perez, CUPE 1483, Ontario
Stephen Penny, CUPE 30, Alberta
William Miller, CUPE 4705, Ontario
Mark Urbanowicz, CUPE 1000, Ontario