Elections 2017 Results

During our last General Membership meeting held Sept 27th at Ongawanada, the following elections took place

Shannon Parker was acclaimed as President.

Matt Doyle was acclaimed as Vice President.

Lethycia Ouellet-Cote was acclaimed as Treasurer.

Monica Barrett & Nicole Szumlanski were both nominated for Secretary.
Nicole has since chosen to withdraw her name from this position. Monica Barrett is now the acclaimed Secretary.

Jeff Koenig, Nicole Szumlanski, Liz Stewart-Shaver, Ryan Decker and Monica Barrett were acclaimed as steward.
Monica has since been acclaimed as secretary, therefore there will be 1 election in the future to fill the empty steward position.

Betty Betts was acclaimed as Trustee, 3 year term.

Voting for the Negotiation Committee also took place at this meeting. Our Negotiation committee will include Shannon Parker, Gord Mitchell, Matt Doyle, Karla Weber and Jeff Koenig (Alternate).