Negotiating Committee Memo

Hello members!
Your Collective Agreement is expiring December 31!
What does this mean?- It means, we ( your elected Negotiating Committee), need your feedback.
You can find the Feedback Form Here

There are also copies of the feedback form available from any member of the Negotiating Committee, any member of the Executive and Stewards.

Deadline for submitting your feedback is December 1, 2017.

Return completed forms to any member of the Negotiating Committee, Executive, Stewards or drop off in white box at Shannon Parker’s desk.

Negotiating Committee members- Matt Doyle, Gord Mitchell, Karla Weber, Shannon Parker, Jeff Koenig

Elections 2017 Results

During our last General Membership meeting held Sept 27th at Ongawanada, the following elections took place

Shannon Parker was acclaimed as President.

Matt Doyle was acclaimed as Vice President.

Lethycia Ouellet-Cote was acclaimed as Treasurer.

Monica Barrett & Nicole Szumlanski were both nominated for Secretary.
Nicole has since chosen to withdraw her name from this position. Monica Barrett is now the acclaimed Secretary.

Jeff Koenig, Nicole Szumlanski, Liz Stewart-Shaver, Ryan Decker and Monica Barrett were acclaimed as steward.
Monica has since been acclaimed as secretary, therefore there will be 1 election in the future to fill the empty steward position.

Betty Betts was acclaimed as Trustee, 3 year term.

Voting for the Negotiation Committee also took place at this meeting. Our Negotiation committee will include Shannon Parker, Gord Mitchell, Matt Doyle, Karla Weber and Jeff Koenig (Alternate).

Survey Winner!

The winner of the Member engagement survey 2017 is …. Anja Cahill!
She is the winner of a $25 Loblaws gift card for participating in our member engagement survey.

Congratulations Anja!

Thank you to all who have participated.


General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
5 p.m.


Regrets may be sent to any member of the Executive.  Members are welcome to bring their children to the meeting. Food will be served.

Highlights from the Agenda include:

  • Forming of the Elections Committee
  • Nominations & Election:

Nominations are currently opened for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 5 Stewards and 1 trustee.
Nominations may be given in writing to a member of the Executive, if you cannot attend the meeting and are nominated, please email a member of the executive to let them know you would like the stand the nomination.

The following from our Local 3175 Bylaws:




  • Forming of the Negotiation Committee
  • Member Engagement Survey- Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

CUPE Local 3175 Executive

MEMO from the Bylaw Committee

February 27 2017
Greetings CUPE 3175 Members
MEMO from the Bylaw Committee

The CUPE 3175 By Law Review committee met July 27, September 15, December 5, January 31 to review, amend and collate the attached document. Deadline for submitting amendments was November 21st 2016. The committee used the CUPE “Guide to Preparing Local Union ByLaws” tool which was adopted at the 2011 National Convention, and sets out clear language and a clarified sequence and order of provisions. Copies of the proposed amendments were made available at the General Membership Meeting on Monday, February 27th.

We will discuss and vote on the amendments at the General Membership Meeting on June 7th.

Please note that the yellow amendments indicate changes that were made to mirror the CUPE National Template and the Green amendments are based on member input.

To review the proposed amendments to the bylaws, please click here

At the meeting, a motion will be called to accept each suggested amendment individually. The committee will go through each amendment, and allow discussion. In efforts to get through as much of the document as possible, every member will have the opportunity to speak to an amendment only once, up to 5 minutes each. Once there is no further discussion, we will vote on accepting the amendment, amendments will be accepted only if there is a majority vote. If majority vote is not reached, the original text will remain.

In the event that a Motion is put forth to make a change to the amendment presented, that member will need to present exact wording to amend the amendment. If the amended amendment is voted down, we may then vote on the original amendment.

Only amendments presented can be modified, no other changes to the bylaws will occur.

In Solidarity

The Bylaw Review Committee; Shannon Parker, Lethycia Ouellet Cote, Christina Fisher and Karla Weber