About us

Executive and Stewards


President – Ryan Decker
613 549-1232 ext. 1624





Vice President – Julia Chenier
613 549-1232 ext. 1114





Treasurer – Scott Ballantine
613 549-1232 ext. 1653





Recording Secretary – Elise Decker
613 549-1232 ext. 1218





Steward – Erin Adamson
613 542-1232 ext. 1573




Steward – Erin Gilroy
613 542-1232 ext. 1294



Steward – Nick Kotel
613 549-1232 ext. 1611




Steward – Jessica Bertram
613 549-1232 ext. 1518





Steward – Virginia Venditti
613 549-1232 ext. 1244




Betty Betts
613 549-1232 ext. 1175
3 year term





Lara Robert
613 549-1232 ext. 1552
3 year term


Erin Adamson
613 549-1232 ext. 1573
3 year term



Bargaining Committee
The CUPE 3175 Collective Agreement expired on December 31, 2021. A Bargaining Committee was elected by members at the June 2022 General Membership Meeting. Our current CUPE 3175 Collective Agreement will expire on December 31, 2025.

By-law Review Committee
This committee is formed when the members and executive determine that the bylaw language needs to be reviewed and changed.

Membership Engagement Group
The membership engagement group (MEG) in partnership with the executive helps to increase member engagement and communications for our local. If you would like to get involved please contact the Recording Secretary.

Health and Safety Committee
A member of the union is elected to attend agency health and safety meetings. The committee consists of CUPE, OPSEU, and management representatives.

Returning Officer and Elections Committee
Elections take place every 2 years for all Executive and Steward positions. The returning officer and elections committee is elected at the October meeting to facilitate all aspects of the election. The election at local 3175 is done by mail in ballots or virtually through a anonymous voting platform.






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What We Do

Below is a brief summary of the role of the Executive, Stewards  and  Trustees.
For a detailed list of duties please see the CUPE 3175 By-Laws.

-Enforces the CUPE Constitution and By-Laws
-Introduces new members
-Presides at all membership and executive meetings
-Ensures that all officers perform their assigned duties

Vice President
-Chairs Steward Committee Meetings
-Assigns case numbers, grievances and other duties to the elected Stewards
-Reports all grievances to the Local President and National Representative
-Keeps current and secure all records pertaining to membership and grievances

Recording Secretary
-Keeps full, accurate and impartial account of proceedings of all regular, special and executive meetings
-Records all alterations to the By-Laws
-Answers correspondence and files a copy of all letters sent

-Receives all revenues, dues, and assessments, keeping record of each member’s payments
-Prepares all CUPE national per capita tax forms and remits payment
-Records all financial transactions

-Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audits the books and accounts of the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary and Standing Committees semi-annually

Area Stewards
-Greet new members and encourage participation in the union
-Obtain correct mailing address and submit to President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary
-Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board from time to time