What We Do

Below is a brief summary of the role of the Executive, Stewards  and  Trustees.
For a detailed list of duties please see the CUPE 3175 By-Laws.

-Enforces the CUPE Constitution and By-Laws
-Introduces new members
-Presides at all membership and executive meetings
-Ensures that all officers perform their assigned duties

Vice President
-Chairs Steward Committee Meetings
-Assigns case numbers, grievances and other duties to the elected Stewards
-Reports all grievances to the Local President and National Representative
-Keeps current and secure all records pertaining to membership and grievances

Recording Secretary
-Keeps full, accurate and impartial account of proceedings of all regular, special and executive meetings
-Records all alterations to the By-Laws
-Answers correspondence and files a copy of all letters sent

-Receives all revenues, dues, and assessments, keeping record of each member’s payments
-Prepares all CUPE national per capita tax forms and remits payment
-Records all financial transactions

-Act as an auditing committee on behalf of the members and audits the books and accounts of the Treasurer, the Recording Secretary and Standing Committees semi-annually

Area Stewards
-Greet new members and encourage participation in the union
-Obtain correct mailing address and submit to President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary
-Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board from time to time